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Basic Chess Strategies
September 5, 2017
Chess vs. Poker
October 13, 2017

As players already know, chess is a complicated game that involves the perfect interplay of strategy and tactics. In order to secure a win in the game of chess, you must have a long-term plan that is flexible enough to adjust as the situation demands. The game is simple enough, with each player commanding their own identical army. Each side has 16 pieces including the pawns, the king, the queen, the bishops, the knights, and the rooks.

A chess game should have three distinct stages. The first one is the opening. This is where the players start making the preliminary preparations for their battle. This is when the board starts to open up. This will transition into the middlegame as both players strive to maneuver to get the best position on the
board. It is characterized by a series of attacks and counterattacks.

Finally, there is the endgame when the battle inches forward to its eventual conclusion. Typically, there are fewer pawns and pieces left on the board at this stage. It also paves the way for the king to become an integral part of the game.

Pay Attention to Your Opponent
It is vital that you assume your opponent is working on a plan to get the best position on the board. So, with every move that they make, you must give it ample time to sink in and really think about what they are trying to do. Try to ascertain which piece they are trying to get or if it is part of a whole series of
moves designed to undermine your position. Only remaining on the defensive can you effectively repel your opponent’s threats attacks.

Once you have figured out their plans, it should be easier to foil their attacks and launch a series of counter-offensives of your own. This should help you successfully execute strategies of your own.

Have a Strategy in Mind
Conversely, chess players must also have their own well-defined plan. You simply cannot be reckless out there as that is the best way to guarantee your loss. This means you cannot move from one target piece to the next as that makes your overall strategy predictable and transparent.

As a basic rule, you simply cannot let your opponent see through your plans. Rather, you have to learn how to play your pieces like an instrument. Each individual piece must serve a role in your overall plan.

This article presented a couple of basic strategies to help you win your next chess game.

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