Understanding Chess Moves

Understanding Chess History
November 19, 2017

Before anything else, one should have a concrete grasp of the rules of the game. It should go without saying that players should know all the moves they can make with each of the pieces available to them. Keep in mind that they can move only a certain way.

Here is a brief explanation of each of the moves available to players. This should serve as a basic guide for beginners.

Pawns – Your pawn is only allowed to move straight ahead one square at a time. It can also only attack enemy pieces on an angle.
Knight – Your knight can move and attack in an L-shape.
Bishop – Bishops are allowed to move at an angle. The piece can also travel more than one square at a time.
Rook – The rook piece moves only in a straight line. It can go forward, backward or move to the sides.
Queen – The queen is the most powerful piece available to you. It has the power to move in
virtually any direction for any number of squares. However, it cannot move in an L-shape or pursue two directions in a single move.
King – The king can only move one square at a time in any direction.

Beginner Chess Moves
There are countless ways to play the game of chess. However, it can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are just starting out. To make things a little easier, this article presents a couple of useful moves every new chess player must master.

Proper Opening
As a basic rule, you should always open your game by moving your pawn. In particular, take the pawn in the center of the board, in front of either the king or queen, and move it two squares forward. Remember that pawns can only move like this as they enter the fray.

This is crucial in terms of opening up the board for your next moves. It essentially clears the pathways on the board for your queen and your bishops to effortlessly enter the game. This is because these pieces move on an angle. Without moving your pawns forward, they would have no other way to enter
the board

Knights and Bishops
Before making use of your rooks, queen, or king, it is vital that you get your knights and bishops in the proper position. You want them to be placed in the center of the board.

Needless to say, Chess is a bit more complicated than this. But these should help you get a feel of the
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